Is Your Water Killing You?

Sounds like a silly question, but is it that silly to find out what exactly is in your water and what it's doing to you?

  • Rain water is often acidic and devoid of minerals. That makes it aggressive and corrosive
  • Corrosive water will attack substances it comes in contact with ('dissolve' them) and especially so metals (zinc, iron etc)
  • Ionic 'transition' metals from zinc, copper, iron, lead, mercury and so on are increasing the production of free radicals a million fold
  • Free radicals are considered the root cause of all chronic diseases and aging. Article about what free radicals are can be found here
  • Such corrosive and aggressive rain water can leech the minerals out of your body. The body needs these minerals - from magnesium to calcium, bicarbonate of soda, sodium and chlorine (when salt is 'split up') and others to function properly.
  • Rain water contains none of these essential minerals, but potentially loads of heavy metals.

Get your water tested. Find out what is in the water you are drinking. And don't forget, you're also washing and bathing in that water!