Dr Deidre Brophy - Dr Natural Medicine Phd Sce

Dr Deidre Brophy’s passion for the health industry began as a child, always wanting to be the next Florence Nightingale.

Her first training into natural medicine came twenty-five years ago, while she was waiting four months for an operation after a knee injury. She started studying the 12 cell salts of the body as she wanted to know how each cell salt worked for different illnesses and she became fascinated by this type of natural treatment.

At the age of eighteen, she discovered she was experiencing many side effects to the birth control pill. Her body was rejecting the chemicals in the pill severely. For over six months she battled these effects - her hair falling out, and the difficulty she was experiencing in even swallowing the pill itself. Doctors wouldn’t believe her, not being trained in the side effects of medication as they believe this is the pharmacist’s job. In her twenties, a drug she was prescribed for severe period pain was causing hallucinations - to the extent that she recalls instructing her then-three year old daughter to pick some poison beans from the garden for the dogs dinner. After Deidre realized what had happened, she flushed the medication down the toilet and was astounded the doctors had prescribed this for her, without looking into the side effects.

Another reason for Deidre’s passion into natural medicine is that her family has a history of depression and suicide. Sibling lost to suicide and attempted suicide with pills - a daughter and granddaughter attempted suicides and problems with drugs - her mother’s depression and attempted suicide attempt after the loss of her own children and divorce- a nephew’s suicide attempt from depression. Many side effects of prescribed drugs can include depression and suicide and she desperately tried to find out why her family’s doctors were just prescribing drug after drug for them.

After years of studying natural medicine and now her doctorate, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a total mastectomy and removal of twenty lymph nodes. Nine and a half years later she was waiting for a Gall operation with 12mm gall stones in 2002. At one stage, pain in her gall bladder had her mother back for ultra sound, where doctors found a shadow on her liver and told her she must have more tests. Eventually an emergency admission to a hospital discovered a bowel obstruction and bladder infection. Suppositories for the bowel obstruction didn’t help, and much of the medication she was prescribed was causing constipation, thus making it worse.

In 2005 she was hospitalised in Cairns Base where she would have various tests.She was given pain relief until they administered morphine. She passed away just days before her seventy-sixth birthday, after three painful years under the present medical system.

Dr Brophy believes the health system in Australia needs a total revamp. Oncology specialists and pharmaceutical companies can only try and keep cancer sufferers pain free until their death. 

She was three weeks in Cairns Base Hospital and three days in Mareeba Age Care where she died on a morphine drive, pumping 24/7 into her body.No operation was discussed and because of pain from the falls she was given morphine tablets and eventually the drive.

After her mother’s tragic death, Dr Brophy realized that she wanted to prevent this type of death in elderly people in care, and educate people on how not to get cancer. She purchased a Thermal Imaging Camera to scan her patients. Patients are treated with natural products -  She is very passionate and committed to saving lives with all natural products. She is an advocate of all organic foods in her diet and using minerals in her garden. Her own minerals are available through the clinic and shop.

Her ultimate goal is to build an all natural facility for treatment of all illnesses without drugs, so people can die naturally and not from being ill. She wants to build a retirement centre in the same place where elderly patients are treated naturally and with dignity. Shares into this facility can be discussed by contacting her through the web page or by phone.

Consultations by phone or in person are available with Dr Brophy. To make an appointment, phone Total Health & Thermal Imaging on 07 4096 6177 or contact us through the webpage or via email.

Dr Deidre Brophy 
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