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A strong daily wellness foundation Body Balance is available in both liquid and powdered form. Keep 32oz liquid Body Balance in your refrigerator, and when you’re on the go, slip 4oz liquid samples or powdered Body Balance Singles To Go in your pocket, purse, desk or travel bag. Since the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, concerns have been raised over the levels of radioactive contamination present in and around the coastal waters of Japan. Life Force International's SeaNine® blend contains a unique combination of nine sea vegetables harvested primarily off the east coast of Canada. As part of our rigorous quality control program, every incoming lot of raw material is tested to ensure the material's identity, strength, quality, and purity are in line with Life Force International's standard of excellence. In this regard, since 2011 every incoming lot of SeaNine® blend has undergone a full gamma radiation test. We will continue to incorporate this testing on all incoming lots, and will immediately reject all material which does not conform to our strict guidelines. “A few weeks of taking Body Balance, I began to notice I wasn’t falling asleep after my evening chores were done and I was completing projects that had sat for ages because I hadn’t the energy to tackle them after a full day of required farm chores. I also noticed rather quickly that I wasn’t hungry throughout the day and I was losing weight too! ” – Cynthia M. , Creswell, OR

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