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#THZEO01. Total Health-Organic Australian Zeolite Powder 200g
Total Health-Organic  Australian Zeolite Powder 200g

Used by itself it will work as an effective chelating agent only, therefore helping to restore pH balance to assist the natural immune system. Taken in conjunction with medications, vitamins and mineral supplements it will have a much more beneficial effect in delivering these antioxidant or minerals that your system may be requiring. Organic Zeolite is actually a crystalline mineral itself, so it does not capture other minerals with the same negative charge, only the opposite positive (+) charge. Also, most minerals like calcium, magnesium etc, are way too large to fit inside the angstrom sized honeycomb cages of zeolite and therefore are not taken up by the zeolite. You'll experience a better balance in pH levels throughout the body which will then allow your natural immune system to work harder and better for you. Swimming pools are a huge consumer of zeolite filters to capture toxins such as ammonia within the pumpís return cycle. Agriculture use zeolite to increase food harvests by adding to the soil. The zeolite holds mineral nutrients and much of its own weight in water. This slow releases to botanical root systems when it is most needed as well as providing the cation exchange in release of fertilisers for the electrical stimulation of the roots. Animal feeders use zeolite for numerous reasons including strengthening the skeletal system of racehorses. NASA use zeolites for Hydroponically growing foods in space. This method named is Zeoponics and it massively out-performs soils in the confines of space. NASA also uses zeolites to protect delicate components from possible corrosive gasses that could cause a malfunction in space etc. A simple flow on from this technology is the unscented zeolite absorption bags (see our products) for refrigerators, pet & mouldy areas etc. EPA of America use zeolite to absorb emissions from the end of road tunnels to capture toxic carbon monoxides and benzenes etc. This acts as a catalyst to converting gasses back to oxygen more rapidly. Nuclear waste industries use zeolites to contain spills and contaminated waste. On a domestic level, zeolite is used as kitty litter as it is a super moisture and odour absorber hence the scented zeolite bags (see our products) for smelly shoes and gym bags, pet and mouldy areas, or just to have a scented area up to six months.

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